All CNC’d Aluminum Case with Upgraded Surface Treatment
Offers the smoothest surface texture ever among all QK products.

Rotary Knob + Mini Screen = Consolidated Media Control Panel
Comes with various built-in media control functions
Supports customizable functions using QK Config

Magnetic Connectors to Replace Ribbon Cables
PCB and daughterboard are now connected by magnetic connectors
Tri-mode Connectivity
Wired, Bluetooth, and 2.4Ghz all supported
Two 2200mAh batteries are included to provide longer power cycle.

Front Design
Bare in mind that N stands for non-exploded layout and it is by no means not the second-gen QK75. Additionally, the bottom row no longer includes any 1.5u keys, which improves compatibility with more keycap sets.
The iconic rotary knob from the QK75 has been inherited and integrated with the acclaimed mini screen from the QK100 to create a consolidated media control panel. The rotary knob supports both turning and pressing, while the mini screen displays the time, date, connectivity modes, battery level, and more all at once. You can also customize their functions using QK Config.

Side & Back Design
We have once again improved the overall structure of the QK75N. The bottom case, battery compartment, and external weight are now separated. This allows us to apply different colors to each component, which creates a more layered side and back profile.
The replaceable badge on the QK80 has been inherited and utilized as the cover of the dongle pod. Each colorway has its own badge that matches the design theme. Additional screen bezel, rotary knob and badge are also available for purchase if you would like to choose your own.

Coffee - Electrophoresed Cream + SW FOUNDATION​​​​​​​

Mystery - Anodized Purple + GMK Regal

Coffee - Electrophoresed Cream + PBTFANS BANK ACCOUNT + RESONANCE​​​​​​​

Mystery - Anodized Purple + GMK Jags

Coffee - Electrophoresed Cream + KEYKOBO RETRO MIXED LIGHTS

Mystery - Anodized Purple + GMK FROST WITCH 2​​​​​​​

Coffee - Electrophoresed Cream + PBTFANS PELICAN

Mystery - Anodized Purple + EPBT 6085

Coffee - Electrophoresed Cream + GMK Serika