Typing angle: 8 degree
Front height: 18mm without feet
Size: 400mm x 135.7mm x 35mm
Alu weight unbuilt ~1.7kg
Alu weight built ~1.9kg
Stainless steel weight built ~2.3kg
POM, PC, FR4, and Aluminum plate will be available as always, and Carbon Fiber plate will be a new addition on the fleet this time. Aluminum and Fr4 plate have flex-cuts on it to improve the bounciness. All plates are universal for different layouts.
Top Case + Bottom Case
Including one pre-installed external weight and one pre-installed internal weight
Two 2200 mAh batteries will be installed inside of the bottom case for orders with Tri-mode PCBs
Orders with wired PCBs will receive fillers for the battery compartments
PCB of your choice
PE sheet
PCB Foam
Tri-mode PCB
2.4Ghz dongle
Screen Bezel of your choice
Screen FPC cable
or Wired PCB
Plate of Your Choice
Poron Case Foam
Daughterboard & JST Cable - installed
Silicone Gaskets
Rubber feet
Screw bag
Tri-mode PCB:
QK's proprietary software - QK Config
Wired: VIA with .json until it’s merged VIAL compatible Powered by QMK

Brown (Anodized) + Hammer Crp X SW

Cream (E-Coated) + GMK SERIKA

Brown (Anodized) + GMK Camping

Cream (E-Coated) + GMK deep navy

Brown (Anodized) + Swagkeys PBT Lylia

Cream (E-Coated) + GMK Handarbeit