Side & Back Design
Compared to compact keyboards, the 80% layout tends to be bulky. Therefore, we decided not to follow the same side profile as our previous products. The combination of curved edges and chamfers gives the Neo80 a softer and more dynamic side profile. The bottom case can be the same color as the top case, or customers can also choose a golden or silver bottom case to create a dual-tone vibe.

Customized Ball-Catch Structure
Effortless assembly is a fundamental concept of the Neo series, dating back to our first product. Due to the limitations of the 80% layout, we were unable to proceed with the unibody case design, so we decided to switch to the ball-catch structure as an alternative. However, all the existing ball-catch mechanisms are too large, requiring wide top and bottom bezels on the keyboard to accommodate them. Therefore, we have decided to design and produce our own ball-catch system for the Neo80, so that the design does not need to be compromised.
The size of the mechanisms, the number of balls, and the spring pressure have all been optimized based on the design of the Neo80. We also intentionally shifted the touchpoint of the ball to one side of the latch so that the lifespan of the entire system could be extended by reversing the direction of the latch.

We noticed that the case between the F-row and the number row is prone to getting scratched during disassembly on keyboards with a ball-catch structure. To address this issue, we have optimized the thickness of this part on the Neo80 keyboard to prevent potential keycap scraping when removing the top case. Additionally, the bottom case now has silicone sockets at the four corners, providing an extra layer of cushioning between the top and bottom case.

RGB Orbit Logo
The RGB light is positioned slightly below the surface to reduce the brightness and make it less distracting during daily use.

Typing angle:6.5 degree
Front height:18 mm

with copper weight: 1.72kg before assembly, 2.22kg after assembly
with stainless steel weight: 1.7KG before assembly, 2.2kg after assembly

Anodized Green + GMK Taiga, Camping, Nuclear Data

Spray-coated Retro White + KEYKOBO VOC

Anodized Green + GMK Mictlan

Spray-coated Retro White + GMK Bento

Anodized Green + PBTFANS resonance

Spray-coated Retro White + KEYKOBO WOB

Anodized Green + GMK Serika

Spray-coated Retro White + GMK villanelle