Typing angle:8°
Tenting angle: 5°
Front height:14 ~ 27mm
**Size:**112.2 * 355.8mm
Before assembly, the weights are as follows: approximately 1.7kg with a soldered PCB and regular plate, around 1.8kg with a hotswap PCB, and around 1.9kg with a hotswap PCB and batteries. Acrylic wrist rest: approximately 400g Cherry wood wrist rest: approximately 200g

As Natural As Possible
Although the split ergo is a popular choice for ergonomic keyboards nowadays, it does come with a steep learning curve. To balance easy adoption with ergonomic design, we've chosen a tilted Alice layout for this project.
The standard Alice layout allows our wrists to maintain a relatively natural position during typing, yet it doesn't address the forearm rotation. Experience with Logitech K680 has enlightened us to explore beyond the two-dimensional system. Ideally, only the outer rims of the hands and the small fingers should make contact with the desk while typing. Therefore, the tent is added in the middle of Neo Ergo to allow hands to rotate slightly outwards, reducing wrist rotation and relieving tension in the forearm muscles.

Case Design
The appearance of Neo Ergo continues the Neo family's simple and retro design style. We've added RGB light strips in the spaces between the keys for embellishment. The color of the light strip can be adjusted according to personal preference, making it easy to match with different themed keycaps.

Like the Neo65 and Neo70, Ergo's side profile is simple and considerate, featuring an inward-sloping edge for easier pick-up. We've concentrated on the design around the USB port to minimize the bulky look created by the tenting case. The bevel above the USB port enhances the dynamism of the side profile, which also forms a natural transition from the top to side.
This time, we've included “the kernel” between the top and bottom case. It does not only host the batteries, daughterboard, and magnetic connectors, but also provides an additional element for customization.

The orbit logo on the weight has been redesigned. Customers have the option to choose different colors for the weight and badge to add a personal touch.

The Ergo wrist rest is the cherry on top. It's specially designed to match the outline and the tenting angle of the Neo Ergo, further lowering the front height to ensure your hands type in the most comfortable position. Customers can choose between the acrylic or cherry wood versions based on preference. The acrylic version undergoes multiple rounds of special treatments to enhance hardness and durability. Each wrist rest is hand-polished for an ultra-smooth texture.

Innovative Gasket Mount
During the prototyping phase, we found that the standard gasket mount couldn’t deliver consistent typing feedback or optimal acoustic performance in a tenting keyboard. As a result, we repositioned the gasket to the middle and corners for the Ergo. This adjustment offers a more evenly distributed typing and acoustic experience across the entire keyboard.

Ball-Catch Structure + Magnetic Connectors
The highly praised ball-catch structure and magnetic connectors from the Neo80 have been retained. Now, you can enjoy the fun of custom keyboards anytime and anywhere, without worrying about cables and screws. Kindly note that it’s advised to remove the top case when you remove keycaps or switches in case the pullers scratch the case.

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