8XV 3 1/3

High speed MCU, supports up to 8K Hz polling rate;
The type-c data port positions can be swapped between left and right side;
Supports two types of the led ring;
Supports top mount only and will offers two types films to achieve different typing feels;
Front replaceable accent cover;
Some stainless steel parts can be optionally treated with mirror PVD and marble pattern PVD;
Offers both normal plate and flex cut plate;
The PCB thickness is 1.2mm; No flex cut; No RGB backlight; Caps Lock and Scroll Lock have indicator lights
Each kit comes with an extra front replaceable accent cover with UV printing content (different color from the case);

Keyboard x1
Alu Plate x1 (Choose between flex cut and non flex cut)
Hot-Swap PCB x1
Poron Plate Foam x1
IXPE PCB Foam x1
Case Foam x1
Extra Front Center Light Diffuser x1
Extra Front Replaceable Accent Cover x1

Hammerworks CRP R6 Black to Black

GMK Jags + SW Foundation


GMK Olive


GMK Mictlan

GMK Panels