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Theca x Rubrehose TKL
Densus Design & KLC
- F12 WKL or WK TKL layout with ANSI and ISO Support
- 18mm front height without feet
- 2.8KG Built
- Custom Silicone Gasket Mount or Top Mount
- 8-degree typing angle
- “Seamless” Sides
- Recessed USB-C port parallel to your desk
- Internal Brass Weight
- External Stainless Steel or Brass Weight
- MX or Topre PCB
- Colours Available : Black Ano, Brown Ano (same as rotor) & E-Beige (E-coating)

Theca can be mounted in two ways: Top Mount or Gasket Mount. 
Unlike most other gasket mounted boards, Theca utilizes custom injection moulded silicone gaskets to achieve a smooth and flexible typing experience, accompanied by the recessed areas on the bottom case for increased flex. 

After manufacturing and testing prototypes using different gasket thicknesses, I am extremely satisfied with the resulting typing feel and flex. Gaskets will be available in only 1 hardness: 20A Durometer (Black). Due to the lack of adhesive between the gaskets and plate/case, harnesses can be seamlessly installed and swapped without frustration or clean-up.
As well as this, Theca can also be mounted to the top case using 8 screws for a more classic typing feel.

For Theca, we will be offering an addon kit for topre compatible parts, this kit will include PCB, plate, standoffs and screws. Designed by the Talented Cipulot, this pcb allows for multi-layout options including 7u & 6.25u bottom rows along with stepped and regular capslock. Above are some pictures of the PCB with artwork by Rubrehose!





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