Jacky bear65 V2

The improvements of V2 on top of V1 are:

Optimization on the overall visual design: V1 design felt a bit asymmetric to right, therefore, 
this time we've adjusted how the curve looks to make the Bear65 V2 look more symmetric
Daughterboard for PCB and Leaf Spring cut plate
Lower the front height (19mm)

6063 Alu: anodized or e-coating for the surface treatment
PCB: Solder, Hotswap
No switches led,but have underglow RGB, which supports VIA.

default kit : Aluminum Case  +  Brass Weight  + pcb
6 degree  typing angle,   19 mm  front  height
Dimensions:    371mm x 130mm x 33 mm
Plate:   Aluminum,   Brass (upgrade),   PC
Weight:  Aluminum(extra),  Brass (default)



Jacky bear65 V2 (pc) + GMK modern dolch light, PBTFANS spark

Jacky bear65 V2 (purple) + GMK bento

Jacky bear65 V2 (pc) + PBTFANS neon

Jacky bear65 V2 (purple) + GMK serenity

Jacky bear65 V2 (pc) + GMK nuclear data

underglow RGB

Jacky bear65 V2 (purple) + GMK future funk