Typing angle: 7°
Material: 6063alu
Split main area,arrow area,function area
Layout:70%+5%, arrow area and function area can be rotated and switched,one keyboard two layouts
Structure:PCB gasket mount,Sandwich mount
Gasket mount plate: 1.5mm,PC,three split parts.
Sandwich mount plate:1.5mm Alu,anodised gold
PCB: 1.6mm, bluetooth pcb include 6400mah battery.
Polling rate:1000hz in wired mode,800hz in bluetooth mode.
Bluetooth PCB Latency Rate:1.25ms
Programming Support: wired in VIAL, bluetooth pcb in LDN.

Two layouts.Split design,arrow area and function area can be rotated and switched.
PCB gasket mount and sandwich mount,adjust the sound and type feeling you like at any time.
Bluetooth PCB 5.2 include 6400mah battery,can connect 8 devices and one key switch. High speed bluetooth connect and long battery life.
Capslock LED indicators. The light can be adjusted or turned off.
Split pcb and plate,consistent type feeling.
Convenient to change two layouts
4 pieces embedded silicone parts,easy to makes top case locate the limit, no worry about repeating move top case to find the hole position.
2mm space from hot-swap sockets to bottom. The interior space is more compact, reduce cavity sound.

Creamy white + GMK Taiga

Black + GMK Mictlan

Silver + GMK frost witch

RED + GMK handarbeige

Silver + GMK Jags

Black + epbt less but better

RED + GMK villanelle

Creamy white + GMK handarbeit

Silver + GMK striker