KOREA vender Swagkey
This is a 70% (FRL) keyboard. Compared to the traditional TKL, this layout omits the function keys row but retains a separate function area and arrow keys
EZ-assemble Structure
The keyboard community is creative. Mortise and tenon, ball-catch, pull-rod...various forms of EZ-assemble structures have brought more fun to custom keyboards. After studying various EZ-assemble methods, we believe that the ball-catch form is currently the most efficient and stable EZ-assemble solution, so we have adopted this scheme for Cycle7.
EZ-assemble Structure
However, we always believe that the true value of the EZ-assemble structure needs to be established on one premise: that is, to allow user to quickly switch structure forms and mod combinations according to their preferences.
Therefore, for Cycle7, we offer two structure forms and multiple mods for users to choose from, making the EZ-assemble structure especially important.
Gasket Mounting
Cycle7 uses two types of Gaskets, and with the EZ-assemble, the internal mounting gaskets can be changed within 1 minute without the need to use any tools
Provides a more elastic and interesting typing experience.
Offers a more delicate and soft typing experience.

Silver + EPBT less but better

Black + GMK Wob Red Cyrillic

Silver + GMK Belafonte

Black + GMK Serika

Silver + PBT Old School 9009

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