SC Studio / Swagkeys

Pre-built keyboard that has a ball-catch and PCB gasket mounted structure.
Size: 315 x 135mm
Typing Angle: 6.5 Degrees
Weight: 1.7kg

PCB: USB C-Type Wired/ Bluetooth / 2.5GHz wireless support
with 4000mAh battery x 2

Colorways : Anodized Black, Anodized Silver, Spray-coated White, Spray-coated Milky White, Spray-coated Pink

IT uses a 1.2mm Black Core PCB which has more stability than a standard Yellow Core PCB. This also affects the sound positively. 

Stock Switches are MMD Princess and the HE version has Shortcut Studio Magnetic Switches.
The PLUS version has Per Key RGB.


Milky White

Milky White + Keykobo Red Alert

White + GMK Cubed

Milky White + GMK Bento

White + GMK Striker 2

Milky White + GMK Nuclear Data 

White + GMK Oblivion 3.1 Regular Base

Milky White + SW Dolch + Gmk Serika R2

White + Keykobko Red Alert, SW La Vie en Rose R2